About Me

Look, it's me!
The Main Part
Hello, my name is Jadi. I'm a college junior of unknown major.

I grew up/live in a God-fearin' and respectin' home in the South. Spiritual forehead-slap moments come once in a blue moon and you'll see a post about those moments.  Although, mostly, I just try to be human.

I love country music.

The Reading/Writing Part
I wrote short stories and poetry in middle school every now and then, and the same with reading. In seventh grade, however, reading became more a hobby. For Christmas, my uncle bought me several books. I'm a slow reader, so by the time I was done with them, I was used to carrying a book around. "What's next?" has been a phrase I've used hundreds of times since. And so the love of reading and a good story was born. I don't know how much I wrote during that time.

In late 2005, some characters introduced themselves to me.  Since then, writing's been an all-consuming passion.  I consider that time to be be I "got it."  I wrote before then, but I just didn't get that I liked writing.

Important People Who Will Be Constantly Mentioned:
Vin - my little brother.  We share a birthday, and are exactly 13 years apart.
Cole - my oldest nephew/godson.  He was born a few months after Vin.
Corban - my youngest nephew/godson.  He's two years younger than the other two.
My parents - self-explanatory.  I have a mom and daddy, like everybody else.  Lucky me, my parents are still together--which is rare.  Rarer still, my mom's a housewife.
My older sister - self-explanatory, mother to aforementioned nephews/godsons.
Amanda - best friend since 5th grade.  "G-port buddy."
Lacey - best friend since 8th grade.  Writing buddy.