Thursday, June 14, 2012

Answers are always found in books.

For those of you who don't already know, I'm in between majors.  There's a lot of things I'm interested in, but most of it is stuff I can skip the class in and just buy books on the subject, because I don't necessarily want to work in those fields.

It was never a matter of what I could or couldn't do.  I'm a good student and as long as a lot of math isn't involved, I would do okay.

So, after a lot of heart-searching and prayer, I did was any rational girl would do.  I wrote down seven options.

If you can't read them, they say, "History," "Business," "Culinary Arts," Paralegal Studies," "Psychology," "Associate's" (as in, get my Associate's and then stop there), and "English."
Then I folded them up and put them in my fake book knickknack.

(The top book lifts up and I can put stuff inside.)

I shook it up.   Shook it some more.  Shook it some more.  Lifted it up, stuck my hand in, felt around for a slip of paper, pulled it out.

1st draw – Paralegal studies
2nd draw – History
3rd draw – Paralegal studies
4th draw – Psychology
5th draw – Business
6th draw – Paralegal studies
7th draw – Paralegal studies

Okay.  Fine.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On Being Single

I've never made my lack of a dating history a secret.  Well, maybe at first, but because it's my life, I had to talk about it eventually.

Other than the huge blow to my self-esteem that no guy's ever taken an interest in me, I'm really okay with being single.  Two of my favorite people, Rich Mullins and Hans Christian Andersen, never married.  Mullins gave up dating.  Andersen fell in love multiple times, but nobody ever returned that love.

What I don't like is that's there's this implication that being single is just a phase and not a lifestyle--unless you're a nun/monk.

25 About virgins: I have no command from the Lord, but I do give an opinion as one who by the Lord’s mercy is trustworthy. 26 Therefore I consider this to be good because of the present distress: It is fine for a man to remain as he is. 27 Are you bound to a wife? Do not seek to be loosed. Are you loosed from a wife? Do not seek a wife. -1 Corinthians 7:25-27

I want a relationship because I want to write romance books and I'm pretty sure I should go in with at least a little romantic experience of my own, and not just what I've read about in books.  I don't want happily ever after, I just want to know what's it like.  I'm no relationship expert, but I'm pretty sure that's the wrong reason.

So, I'm mostly okay with being single.  Mainly because the more I think about what I'd want in a man, the more I'm convinced I should be alone. ;)

The Other Divine Comedy

The World's Story:

God created everything.
Satan fell.
Man fell.

The Story:  Jesus came, died, came back to life, promised to come back again.
World slowly gets worse.
And worse.
And worse.
Revelation (End times, whatever you want to call it)

Epilogue:  We all go to heaven, Amen.

As an ex-English major, maybe an English major (?), I deem this play a comedy.

I always knew God had a sense of humor.  I just never thought it extended this far.

In February of 2010, I wrote the following passage in "The Best Story Ever Told," which was one of my VP's:

"The other day, we were reading Paradise Lost in English class, and I was thinking, Why did God put the tree in the Garden in the first place?  If He hadn't, none of this would have ever happened. 
Since I'm a writer, I came to the following conclusion:  Because is He hadn't, there would be no story!" 

(I wrote a poem that goes with this VP, it's on my Goodreads titled "The Director.")

Now in 2012, I'm hit with this again, except now I know what genre the play's in.  It's a comedy.  It's a series of events that are absurd and ridiculous, and things are gradually getting worse toward the turning point.  But the ending, what makes a comedy a comedy, is going to be a good one.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Those of you who don't read my other blog,


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This has no business being so hard.

I still haven't made a decision.

I typed "best jobs for bookworms" in Google.  Found some interesting stuff, but nothing I necessarily want to do, except a librarian, but that's not exactly a safe field to go into.  People don't read here.  At least, not where I'm at.

There's a lot of stuff I'm interested in.  History, Enlightenment-era Literature, Psychology, Religion, Cooking, Art, Music, Philosopy...

...all things that I can just buy books about and skip the courses.  I need something that'll get a job.  That pays well.  That will support my writing and book habit.

Maybe I should just go back to being an English major and be a teacher.  *shudder*  I could teach kids that reading's good for them.  And require they read Candide.  *it's good to dream about making a difference, but I wonder if I can actually do that with the stupidity in the educational system*

I guess it's because I have choices.  My mom told me I could be anything I wanted, that pays the bills.  I believe her, to an extent.  I have the head for a lot of things, but not the heart for them.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back Back Back

I deleted my account several weeks ago.

I made another account today.

Why did I do this?  Because I needed something to do.  I miss the newsletters.  I probably won't get a paid-for account again, but I'm hoping to do some reviewing.

This is what happens when I'm bored.

Monday, June 4, 2012

My New Favorite Bible Verse

I have a prayer journal.  It has a verse (sometimes 2) at the top of each page.  It was given to me for Christmas in 2006.  My first entry was February 20, 2009.  I write in it sporadically.  Don't judge me.

Anyway, while I was writing in it today, the verse on the next page was:
"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and work with your hands." -1 Thessalonians 4:11 (NIV)

Finally, something I can actually do.

Fruits of the Spirit?  I suck at those.  Keep to all things good and pure?  I suck at that too.


Quiet life?  I live on a farm.

Mind my own business?  I'm an introvert.

Work with my hands?  Well, I like working with my hands.  So, I can do that too.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Give Up.

I tried.  I really, really tried.

I don't care whose name is on the cover!  There'll be no getting through that book.  This is my second attempt at reading it (and I've never taken a second attempt at any book, I don't go beyond first impressions with books).

It's really sad, because I have all of the books in this series and I can't get past the first one.  The premise is really interesting.

I just can't.  I'm not connecting with this book at all, and I hate that.  I hate even worse that I'm reading two more books by this author (okay, I have bookmarked), and I'm actually interested in both of them (Insomnia and 11/22/63).

I hate when I do this.  But it must be done.

Edit:  For those of you wondering what I'm talking about, it's The Gunslinger.  Screw New Year's Resolutions.