Monday, March 4, 2013

Here's Some Thoughts for You:

1 - It seems to me that the people who are for gay marriage are also the ones for abortion.

Gay couples can't have kids naturally, and it's okay to kill a naturally begotten child (rape notwithstanding).

Pardon the harshness, but no respect for the natural balance = no respect for life.

2 - It doesn't matter how "enlightened" we think we are.  If you look over the course of America's history, we were at our happiest (read:  prosperous) when we were one nation under God.  Not happy because we were selfish or put our own needs above our own, but because we did what was best.  No wonder we're in deep crap.  We turned away from God, and He turned away from us.

I'm a big fan of the Enlightenment Era.  While I was doing some reading up on what the Enlightenment did to Christianity, I came across this:

"If, for example, personal happiness is our overriding goal, what will happen if we decide our spouse is making us unhappy? What will happen if our children are making us unhappy? What is likely to happen when a pregnant woman decides that her pregnancy has come at a bad time? We should not be at all surprised to find a high divorce rate, countless neglected or homeless children, a low birth rate and a high abortion rate in such a society. This is the natural consequence of making the right to be happy the supreme right."
-David Quinn, "Did 'the Enlightenment' K.O. Christianity?"

It's actually an interesting article all the way through, but I like this point here in this paragraph.

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