Saturday, November 6, 2010

Printers and Patience

I finished another read-through of Black Sight today.  It's a total of 203 pages and I spread it out over my half-cartridge left of ink in my printer, and my new cartridge.  The cartridges I have print approximately 200 pages.  I got 136 off my old cartridge and got what was left on the new one.  There is a huge pile of paper sitting on my bed.

I'm handing this copy over to my mother with a red pen.

Now, I'm going to read someone else's published work and will call it a night.  My godkid's harping for the computer to play JumpStart or Hoyle or something.

Good night and God bless.


  1. Oh, our work really sucks up that ink, doesn't it? I also print out using the "draft" setting and it saves some ink.
    Hope your mom loves it!

  2. I've seen it as an option, but I've never used it. Hmph...I'm gonna have to see about that. Thanks for commenting!


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