Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Books, Books, and More Books

I ended the year with 1,005 books.  I haven't bought any yet, but it's part of my NYR to keep track of how many I buy in a year, and how much I spend.  So, I made up a list of books I absolutely had to read, finish, re-start, or re-read this year (coming out to 51 books) printed it out and all that, and found a pseudo-empty composition book (meaning I tore the used pages out and put it with my un-used ones) and started writing crap down.

I have, however, started and finished one book today.  The Philadelphia Adventure by Lloyd Alexander.  All three of the books I have by him that I haven't read are on that list.  There's one done.

Really, I'm 21.  There are a host of children's books I really need to read before I'm a full adult.  So, I'm really, really needing to get those done.  Not to mention, they're easy, and a good way to start the year.  Lloyd Alexander is not great literature, I'll admit as much, but he's good.  

Also, I managed a good 1k today.  Overall, a good start to the year.  Now to get started on that 12-15 page paper & presentation on Schizoid Personality Disorder due the second week I'm back in classes.  And the study guide for a midterm the week I return.

A girl's got to have her priorities straight.

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