Monday, June 27, 2011


After the work was done on the farm today, Mom decided she wanted to take us to the beach.  So, My mom, sister, brother, my two nephews, my step-nephew (or soon to be anyway) and I all piled into the truck and set off for Biloxi.  Vin, Cole, and I all rode in the bed of the truck going there.

We were only there for two or three hours.  I'm sunburnt.  I was wearing a tank top with very mobile straps and neckline--you know, the kind that can't stay in one place.  So, instead of a tan line--or burn line rather, I got a fade-area, where it's not as badly burned but not untouched by the sun either.

Now where's that Aloe Vera...

Luckily--or perhaps not, most of my shirts will cover the worst of what's on my shoulders and arms.  My face is red too though, except where my glasses were.  I don't mind having a red tint to my cheeks, but my nose reminds me of Rudolph.

On the way home, we stopped for Krispy Kremes and once we got home, we ordered pizza.  Mom and my sister got taco, the boys and I had cheese and pepperoni, and we all had some cheese sticks.  Yummy.

Yay for junk food.

Now where's that Aloe back hurts.  :(

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  1. Bad girl! Remember that sunscreen next time. Still, glad you had a great time!


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