Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Table Talk!

I promise I won't change the blog up again...until I get tired of it.  Or think of something else more clever/cute.

So, in celebration of the blog's new name, the following subjects are NOT part of polite conversation:

bodily functions/the body in general.  <--Broken this one for this blog plenty of times--just broke it in my last post.

religion <--Talk about it A LOT here, my followers know my stand on it.

sex <--mentioned it in passing

politics <--mentioned it in passing...I think it's safe to say my readers know where I stand on the political side of things.

None of these things are supposed to be talked about in mixed company.  But guess what causes the most laughs in movies, sitcoms, and books.  You guessed it.  All of the above.  Farting, making fun of any given religion, sex, and making fun of the blood-sucking creatures* that run our country are what garners the most laughs.  And that's all low to high comedy.

*politics - poli means many, tics  are blood-sucking creatures.  Which of course, isn't the real origin of the word, but it still fits.

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