Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where Did *That* Come From?

Do other writers worry about running out of ideas or is it just me?

I used to have that problem.  I couldn't see past writing anything other than my Naren-Kamra-Medieval Fantasy-Dreer story.  And then the other books that were in the contemporary genre.

But what about after that?

"Everybody has at least one book in them." -Unknown

At least one?  And notice it doesn't say that the book is good.  And what if I'm one of those people with only one book in them?  Worse, what if that one book isn't good?  Or even passable.

I really used to have this problem.

Our county library is having a summer reading program.  Mom and I took Vin today.  While Mom and Vin were in the children's room, I was in the main part of the library browsing books.

I dropped a book or three accidentally.  Nothing fell out and I obviously didn't fall into one--which probably isn't possible.

The magic in a room full of books--other than my bedroom or living room--is very potent.  Some of my best ideas I got wool-gathering in a library.  Well, the ideas that I remember anyway.

Today was one of those days when a story idea popped into my head and I chided myself.  Ideas are everywhere and nowhere.  Probably the best and worst things about them, disrespectively.

So, I don't think I'll run out of ideas.

But good ideas are very limited.

Off-Topic/Should Really Be Another Post But Oh Well:

While I was in the library, I started reading All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindgarten.

Also, some other book titles that I thought were a little funny were You Are What You Write (handwriting), How to Read a Book ( can you tell me to read a book when I'm reading this book fine on my own?  The book was actually on how to read/analyze), Developing Your Personality (isn't that kind of a given, though?), and The Bedside Guide to Dreams.

The library had first editions of Lloyd Alexander's PRYDAIN Chronicles.  So cool.  I checked out The Truthful Harp.  It's a storybook.  But it's about Fflewddur Fflam and the harp that Taliesin gave him.

Yes, let's go back to Prydain.

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