Friday, July 1, 2011

Scattered Thoughts on Writing

My writing's been more productive lately.

You know, I've actually been writing consistently.  No, I'm not turning out 1,000 words a day or more, but I'm a chapter or two past what I was earlier.

In SFKBS, anyway.  I haven't touched CR in days--weeks?

That's what I get for working on two novels at the same time.

Oh, and top of that, I started a new short story, which I have a basic idea where I want to go with it.  However, it's still a first draft.  I'm going to hurry up and get through this draft, and figure out all of the nuts and bolts later.

Oh yeah, and the characters from a story I wrote some years ago are coming back up with a story idea.  Unlike the three aforementioned stories, they're not spec-fic.

This book could actually be *GASP* Christian fiction.

Which is a field I'm honestly reluctant to join--mainly because I've been avoiding that section of the bookstore lately.  I haven't been reading any of the newer Christian fic (Janette Oke hasn't been writing for years), except Deeanne Gist and Cathy Hake.  They write historicals, for the most part, and this book is a contemporary.

Short stories and novels aren't the same thing, despite popular belief.  Short stories require an entire story in a small amount of words--or smaller than 40k words.

Novels give you more words, but are generally more complex, as I've been told.

Personally, I like both, though.  Long Ridge requires me to write one.  I began taking writing as a more serious hobby because of the other.

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