Sunday, July 24, 2011

How Much?

So, I don't want to end my college career at community college.  I like living at home, so I want to go to either H-burg or G-port.  There's a University of South Mississippi campus and a William Carey campus in both.  I live smack-dab between the two cities and go to both H-Burg and G-Port whenever Wiggins (the nearest "town") doesn't have what I want.

So, we were looking at their websites.  We were worrying about cost, mostly.

But then you get sidetracked.

You check to see if this college will even accept you, if it offers your major.  Then you see all of the programs and the clubs.  It looks like heaven on earth.  Meet new people!  Get involved!

At the back of your mind, you hear your parents' voices. But how much will it cost?  

When you finally find the tuition page, you won't care how much it costs.  Even if it means you have to work for a few years just to get the money, or take out the dreaded student loan, you are going.

OR, when you find the cost, you click out of that college's website, and never ever click on it again.  Nope, it doesn't seem that great!

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