Saturday, July 2, 2011

"I Picked You"

A new character introduced herself to me.  She practically wrote me a letter.  We had a little conversation:

Me:  Okay, girlie, what's your problem?  (This was after the introduction letter.)

V:  I have a standard to live up to.  I need you to help me.

Me:  I don't do coming-of-age stories.  Or YA.  Or character-driven.  I just read them.

V:  You will now.

Me:  But I don't want to.

V:  I picked you.

Me:  Can you at least have a guy you're after?  I mean, something.  I need something tangible for you to chase.

V:  You could give me one. ;)  I promise to cooperate.

Me:  They all say that at first.

But a new idea has revealed itself to me.  Or at least a character.  And, as I said on Facebook, this idea will be put away for a little while.  I'm going to get a folder ready.

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