Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cleaning Neuroses and Bad Poetry

Today's Sunday.

Lord of the Rings:  The Fellowship of the Ring was playing on Starz.

I didn't go to church.

Yup, I think the Universe is telling me that today is The Day I clean my room.

And, I have book orders due to come intomorrow and the rest of the week from Amazon.  Lloyd Alexanders, a Stephen Lawhead, and a Diana Wynne Jones.  Oh yeah, and Princess Ben by Catherine Murdock.  That's the only book I ordered by an author I haven't read before.  Everybody else, I've read at least a little.

And yes, they are all children's books, save the Jones.  The Tough Guide to Fantasyland!!!

Well, that may be a children's book too.  I don't know yet.  I haven't read it.  But I can't wait!

So, I like really need to clean my room, so I can read my books and I can finish my books and maybe it won't be so noticeable that my TBR shelf had more books on top of it.

I clean my room on Sundays
Yeah, it's pretty strange
But nope, never on Mondays
Just means I'm a bit deranged.

Armed with just the broom,
Trash bags, and sometimes bleach
No more dust bunnies of doom:
They hang on the fan like a leech

Speaking of doom, it gets stranger still
I pop in the same movie to pass the hours
Fellowship of the Ring, I got time to kill
It's weird, I know, but it never sours.

If I can finish before it ends, I win!
If not, I pop in the second and try again.

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