Monday, March 10, 2014

Taking a Step Back

I neither have work nor school today, tomorrow, or Wednesday.

So, I should really be using this time for books and writing.  A lot of writing.  Like 5k/day writing and reading a book a day.  Right?


Haven't read much, or written.  I did manage 600 words typed and some handwritten pages, and I wrote 1k last night, which I'm not proud of because it's a lot of irrelevant crap.

But really, I know better.  I know me.  My most productive times are at night.  Want to write?  Wait till almost before bed.  Want to read?  A book will calm my mind down before bed--unless I finish it, in which case it will go into overdrive.  It is folly to try to go to sleep after finishing a book.  It ain't happening.

It seems so much of my time is spent preparing for bed.

I did get book 3 of Dragon Kin.  Awesome, as expected.  I've been dragging my feet with the next one.  Really, it's a lot of sit down, shut up, and read.

But I want to write, not read.  It doesn't matter when I start/finish the book, as long as I get my day's K for the day so I can put it on my calendar...

But really, as it is useless to lay down when you just can't sleep, it is useless to just sit at the computer straining my already crappy eyes for the fickle muse.

So, I should be reading.  Reading is still good.  Reading works the brain muscles.

But my calendar for March with my daily progresses really sucks.  So far, there have only been 2 days when I got a K down.  Some handwriting days, some blogposts, and 2 books.


I hit scut months.  I know how I am, again.  I'm hitting my scut months where very little writing is going to get done.

No, no, no.  That cycle ends now.

Something's got to give, here, people.

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