Thursday, March 20, 2014


Saints and angels.

I actually did some writing today.  A little bit.

So, here's what's been going on:

First off, First Trimester at Carey:

Intro to Criminlogy -A.

Child Psychology -A

Psychology of Addiction -C

3.6 GPA

Second Trimester

Criminal Investigation -B

Evidence, Search, and Seizure -A

Abnormal Psychology -A

Cumulative GPA - 3.2  (Remember, my 5th semester at Gulf Coast, I screwed up, so I gotta make up my GPA big time...)

Okay, now you're up-to-date on for the real reason for this post:

I was going to post a long review about Frozen, but I suck at reviews.

As it:  I like it.  Disney hit the high points.  Music is good.  Like Tangled and Brave, Frozen took on the new title format.

It makes me think back to my previous posts on "The Snow Queen."  The old blog parts and the Christian analysis.  Did Frozen do the story justice?  Sort of.  It's a gut-and-remodel, but it's a fine story.  I separate the two in my head.  Still, good story, good story.

Speaking of, Easter is coming, as I'm wont to remind people.  I always do a Christian-y, spiritual post.  It's Tradition.  I have some inklings of ideas, but I don't have anything definitive.  Anyway...

The Devil's Mirror

Gerda's Love

Kai's Eternity

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