Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March in Review

Books Read:  7
Books on the Currently Reading Shelf on Goodreads:  14
Days I Wrote Productively: 11
Approximate Word Count: ~10,384

It was a crappy month.  It could be I was feeling the burn from last month's productivity, and I just hit a dry spell, it could be that my decision to not buy any books for the month of March just didn't go over well.

I did buy some Kindle books, but I don't generally count those.  The book log is specifically for print book buying.  The only time Kindle books are logged is if I'm reading them.  So, I went the entire month of March without buying any print books.

Yay April.

My writing sucked as well, but I think I pulled through in the end.  It picked back up.

Book List:

  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, classic/dystopian, 4 stars
  • What a Dragon Should Know by G. A. Aiken, paranormal romance, 5 stars
  • Last Dragon Standing by G. A. Aiken, paranormal romance, 4 stars
    • We've been over this.  Love this.
  • The Mane Event by Shelly Laurenston (G. A. Aiken's other name), paranormal romance, 4 stars
    • I tried her Pride series.  It's really good (actually, 2 stories in 1), but I think I'll stick with the dragons.  Although, lion shifters are freaking cool.
  • The Dragon Who Loved Me by G. A. Aiken, paranormal romance, 4 stars
    • This one actually took me a while.  I think it's because I had main-lined books 2-3, and by 4 it was getting like where I was feeling the mainline.  I actually started this one before I started The Mane Event
  • Never Trust a Rake by Eileen Putman, historical romance, 3 stars
    • Overall, a functional romance, but it took me a while to read.  A romance that takes me a while to read is never a good thing.
  • Summer is for Lovers by Jennifer McQuiston, historical romance, 3 stars
    • The lesson here is, I need to lay off the romance books.

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