Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Some Updates

I got an iMac.

I don’t know what I was thinking other than, I’m not happy with any of these other computers that I’m seeing at Best Buy and if they can finance for me, well, I may as well get something I’ve been considering…

I’m also getting eye surgery.  Today was my pre-op.

My eye surgery can be one of two procedures.

PRK - which, I don’t remember what it stands for.  This is the procedure where they can’t do both eyes at the same time, and the down time between eyes is 3-5 days.  Anyway, this will not do any more damage to my retinas and corneas as opposed to

LASIK - which is a 4-minute procedure per eye, they do both eyes and it practically heals overnight.

The tech said I was on the hair trigger.  I could go either way.  The physician, not the surgeon, said my eyes were healthy.

Anyway, I find out tomorrow.

My eyes were dilated, but I had gotten my tax refund and I wanted a new computer because the Windows Vista I had gotten back in 2009 is driving me crazy.

So, I went into the Best Buy with my sunglasses on, because my eyes were dilated, and was approved for financing and I went home with an iMac.

Woo hoo, I’m in debt!  About to be in more debt!

Add that in to my student loans…

Considering I was okayed to graduate in May…

Life's been busy.

I did my first 90 hour internship stint with DHS.  I'm going to do my second stint elsewhere.


I need to still do 4 essays for my Monday night class 'cause Prof didn't assign them till the last weeks of class and they are not due till Friday.  Need to do that, need to do that.

In the immortal words of Harry Dresden, "My life, hell's bells."

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