Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I went to Orientation yesterday. I sat by myself. The college's auditorium was only about a third of the way full. I saw a lot of people I knew from 1st-10th grade. One guy I had Excel (Excel is what we have instead of Gifted. It's like Special Ed for Smart People (SESP) with from 2nd-6th grade told me hi and bye. A few other snatches of conversation here and there but for the most part I didn't talk much.

It doesn't give me any confidence that classes will be any better.When it was time for me to pick my classes, we were hearded into a room with sheets of available classes.

A coach (I'm certain he was anyway), he was no help at alltold me just to put down the recommended classes. I was already working on that.Then, one of the English professors started to help the girl sitting next to me. Once they were done, I asked for his help. He did my schedule for me. After my schedule was done and we were on our way to the computer lab to punch the codes in online, I kept thinking, God sent me an angel. I could have never pulled it off on my own.

I'm now looking at 15 hours of class a week and going in only two days. Yeah, it sounds rough, but I'm used to being at school from 8-3. It's natural. And I get three days off a week, five if you count the weekends.

I can't believe I'm starting college in a few days. Week after next, to be exact. I'm somewhere between excited and scared. Oh well, I survived public and private school. And orientation.

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