Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some More Writing Comments

Last night, I printed out 75 pages of the unfinished novel I'm working on.  I re-read over it once, noticing all what was wrong with and enjoying the parts that were good.  Now, I'm reading it over again, this time with a pen in hand.

It can be incredibly depressing, some of the things I've written that I know aren't good.  And then there are the few good parts in there that remind me why I write anyway.  There is always something good.

I've been told I have talent.  Talent without discipline is very bad.  I lack a considerable amount of discipline.  I tend to write what I wish, with an attempted plot or angles, and however it comes out, it comes out.

Also, when I do try to plan, I never follow it.  That's lack of discipline at its worst.

Writing isn't something to be entered into lightly.  But it is something that there are plenty of different approaches.

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