Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crime and Community Service


The day has been nothing short of an adventure.  Like most adventures, it started out pretty normal.  We got out of Spanish I.  I went to the library to walk around the tomes, trying to soak up every moment because this is my last semester and my last days enjoying Perk's library, and Lacey went to World Civ II.

The Story:

We had lunch.  After, whilst Lacey and I were on the hunt for dessert, we went into the student store.  Since the semester's almost over, they haven't bothered buying new candy to stock up with.  So we went to the student center to find the vending machines.

Halfway to the vending machine, I noticed there was something hanging from my messenger bag.

It was a shirt from the store.  See, I have pins on the flap, and the shirt had gotten caught.  At first I threw it off and tried to kick it under the sofa.  It wouldn't go under.

So, I stuck it on the couch and bought my 3 Musketeers.  After picking those up, we went back to the store where I inconspicuously stuck it back on a hanger.  I don't know if anybody saw me put it back, but apparently nobody saw me take it.

I love being an accidental criminal.  Good thing I had to do community service anyway.

We went to Honors, our last meeting.  And then we got out.  We had to do one more community service.  Deciding to donate blood, we called around because our journals, including entries about community service, were due.

We hightailed it (sped) to the burg.  We were just waiting to get pulled over.  And then bawl when it did happen.  Luckily, it didn't.  It was thrilling.  It was stressful.

The place was supposed to close at 4 and we got there at 4:05.


The anguish.  The disappointment.  Oh no!  What were we going to do for community service now?

...But the door wasn't locked.  We went in.


The place needed 15 donors for the day before they could quit for the day.  So, they were more than happy to take us.  They needed platelets.

I gave some.  It normally takes about 2 hours.  It only took me a little over 1 (YAY!).  The first arm they tried, my vein blew; the first time that had ever happened.  That huge needle has to go in deeper and I learned not to try to give platelets with that arm again.  My other arm worked fine though.

And now, all I got to do is write up my journals and turn them in Friday.  All's well that ends well.

That was enough adventure for real life.

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