Monday, April 30, 2012

Killing Snakes

Disclaimer:  I'm not an animal rights activist, but apparently I have a bigger heart than I thought I did.

A few days ago, whilst I was babysitting, my nephews came to me, upset, because they had seen a snake.  I asked them to show it to me.

Whatever kind it was, it wasn't poisonous.  I'm no expert, but I can tell a poisonous from a venomous.

"Kill it, Nanny.  Kill it."

"It's not poisonous."

My best guess was a rat snake, although I'm not sure:

^Here it is^
I made the kids leave it alone and we all went back inside.  I know there's a king snake or a rat snake living in/around the shed, which is where this was.  Since we don't mind rat snakes and king snakes are good to have around, we leave it alone.

Yesterday, we saw a snake on the road.  Mom wanted to turn around and run it over.  I can understand wanting to kill it, but really?  You want to kill it on merit of the fact it exists?

I always found that sort of cruel.  Not just the "good" snakes, but the "bad" ones too take care of pests.  They're population control for rodents.  I hate rodents.  I don't have the phobia my mother and sister do, but I don't like them.  I'd rather a snake than a rat.

Anyway, since I'm talking animal rights.

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