Wednesday, November 21, 2012

That's not weird, right?

Sometimes, I click on all the links on my sidebar.  You know, the ones for "My Fair Donor."  I go to all the websites to read reviews.

So far, the Barnes & Noble page is the only one that has a goodly amount of ratings/reviews, and they range from 2 stars to 5 stars.

And there was a new review.  And it was a good one.

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I know I probably shouldn't have made that my debut self-published story, but I did and there's no calling it back.

The die is cast.

And I read reviews.  I don't know what I would do if one of those 2-star ratings actually had a review.  Would I kick myself for putting out a mediocre story?  Would I be offended in writer's indignation?

I don't know.   I suppose I should be grateful it's only a rating and not a review.

That being said, I've looked at my own ratings for books, and I almost never review.  Plenty of books get across the board rating and reviews.  A single book with get dozens and hundreds of reactions.

So, it's not personal.  The story didn't ring with them, I didn't do something right...

But when it's a good review...  Well, I like to look, just to see what people think.

I also like a reaction.  Love my work.  Hate it.  But don't be indifferent.

That's my new thing.  I don't know which of my characters will say it to their love interest, but someone will tell someone.

"I want your love.  I'll accept your hate.  But I will not tolerate your indifference."

And the reply, "As if anyone could ever be indifferent to you."

I think it's clever and sweet.  Just a snippet of dialogue, but it's there.  While it could work with Naren and Kamra, or my Seamonkey Romance (don't ask, I'll explain later), or a new story I'll write someday, I want that in one of my books.

I just got to make sure it's not in another book someone else wrote.

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