Sunday, November 6, 2011

When In Doubt, Write It Out

I'm just about done with DinoPaper.  I just gotta proofread.  And I got a deadline now.  The 16th.  I've started on the PowerPoint.

"The Traveling Companion" is a little harder.  I want to have it turned in this week though.

Oh yeah, and I did the math.  Starting November 7, I would have to be writing nearly 2,000 words a day to be on track.  So, it's not as bad as it could be.

Oh yeah, and my second-honeymoon piece, as it will be forever referred to, is not quite finished, although everything's been daydreamed up in my head.

I just got to finish writing it up.

Lacey and I were discussing this the other day in the library.  Lacey likes to write things out.  She doesn't like typing things.

Like me, she has long papers to write, but couldn't sit herself down to type up her papers.

Then she had an epiphany.

She likes to write.  Not type.  Maybe if she wrote it out first and then sat down to type what she wrote verbatim, well, that it would go a lot quicker.

And hot diggity dog it worked!

I don't think it matters how cool your computer is, there's something about setting pen or pencil to paper that just makes everything all right. It's that happy place. THE ZONE. Paradise. Shangri-La.  The Promised Land.  The Great Valley.

It's strange, but nothing short of magical.  Wonderful.  Powerful.

Computers are technical and loud with the clacking of keys a constant annoying sound.  They're sterile and don't have much personality.  (At least mine doesn't.)

Notebooks, (for me, it's a college-ruled composition book), on the other hand, are easy to decorate and something about my pen spilling its ink on the page in a mad writing frenzy...

When it doubt, write it out.

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