Friday, November 18, 2011

Who Are You?

Tuesday, I finished that second honeymoon short story. 9,846 words, and the longest I've ever written.  So, Thursday, I reformatted it and put it on my Kindle. I took it with me to college and highlighted it up and made notes.

I love the story. I don't necessary love what I wrote. The voice doesn't sound so juvenile though, which excites me.

Except the characters.  I'm a plot-driven kind of person.  My characters...

I have no idea what my heroine looks like. I know what she doesn't look like, but not what she looks like.  How weird is that?  I have a better idea as to what my male lead looks like, but I don't necessarily know why he did what he did. I'm starting to understand him, but anyway...

Even though it's third POV limited, I never write from his POV. This may be a good thing.

I think a conversation is in order.

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