Thursday, November 3, 2011

Second and Third Honeymoons

I am behind on NaNoWriMo, and it is only day 3.

However, Saturday, whilst I was still working on DinoPaper, I started on a short story that is taking all of my attention.

NaNoWriMo is a chore.  This new short story is fun.  I managed to daydream the whole thing, and it's taking a lot longer in words than I thought it would.

Considering I'm a concise writer, this is a big deal.

This all-consuming tale is one of those second honeymoon pieces.  It reminds me exactly why I love writing.

No, I'm not hippity-hopping happy.  My temperament hasn't improved in the slightest.

But it feels okay.  Not "good, but not great."  Just, like after something horrible happens and you're grieving and then you wake up one morning, and you're okay.  Life goes on.

That sort of okay.

I've been restless lately, and writing this story alleviates it.  It's kind of a lose-lose situation.  Or a win-win.  The story's making me restless by wanting to write it and writing it is the only way to get it gone.

My soul feels empty, but in a good way.  Like the haunted ghost that's found peace.  It's quieted and calmed.

So, because I can't get excited about NaNoWriMo, which is probably because I started the short story (it refused to wait!), I've decided to stick with the second honeymoon story for now.  I'm almost done.

Which, I've been telling myself since Tuesday.

I'll still make myself write a little more, because I'd hate to give up completely, and I really want to write this story (except, just not now) and I know it would be good discipline about writing a story you don't feel like working on for when I'm a full time writer someday, God-willing.

Sigh...  this writing thing's funny business.

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