Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Anecdotes Anyone?

I drove today.  Since I've gotten my license, it's my second time.  I'm not going to go into all the implications of that, but I drove.

Mom had the radio on the Christian station.  I don't mind the Christian music (other than the fact I don't know half the songs), but I hate the complaining and political talk.  Don't talk, just play the music.

Well, a song by Rich Mullins played.  It was "Calling Out Your Name."  Since it played while I was driving, I took it as a good omen.  ;)

Honestly, I don't particularly care for this particular song.  Although, I like watching it because of the instruments used, as you will see below.  I think it's pretty cool.

After the song, whoever the DJ was at the time, said that Rich Mullins was probably the greatest Christian songwriter who ever lived.  I'm not used to my favorites being the best, so I was kind of surprised.  And as hard as I tried to think of someone better, I found myself of a similar opinion.  Which, considering he is my favorite, isn't that surprising.

"The reckless raging fury, that they call the love of God," the man had quoted, and went on to say a lot of good things about Mullins.

I wish this clip was available on YouTube, and if it is, I haven't found it, or found it by itself.  He was talking about the song "Let Mercy Lead."  He and Beaker wrote it to Beaker's son Aidan.  Another couple named their child that and he died a few months after his birth.  In the funeral program they printed up the lyrics to "Let Mercy Lead."  And in their letter to Mullins, they said that now Aidan did see the face of love.  Then he talked about being a Christian musician and how you take sentiments and how you learn to market it.  And then he says that no matter how cheap the words start to become to him, the truth is still the truth.

I love that story.  Anyway, about the song with the cool instrument:

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