Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Cinema

Lacey and I headed out early Sunday morning to go to the movies. We saw One for the Money and Beauty and the Beast 3D. In between, we had Chinese food, well, Bourbon chicken, and lots of sweet stuff that we sneaked into the movie theatre. I had a purse full of butterscotch and mints and chocolate... Which, I still have a lot of the butterscotch and mints and a bag and a half of M&M's. Unless someone goes into my room and finds it.

Maybe I should've hidden it before I left for the college today...

Anyway, yes, I did read One for the Money by Janet Evanovich before viewing the movie.  Read it weeks ago and read the second, Two for the Dough shortly after.

Yes, the book is still better.  They changed the last exchange between Plum and Morelli.  I mean, it was cute and all, but it wasn't the same.  Drat.

But it was a really, really great movie.  Those of you that aren't familar with it, Stephanie Plum got fired as a lingerie buyer six months ago.  She goes to her cousin's bail bonds business looking for a filing job and doesn't get it.

However, the other bounty hunter is out due to an appendectomy and Connie, the secretary, gives Stephanie his FTAs.  Failure to Appear's.

At the top of the stack is Joe Morelli.  The town's bad boy, and had a fling with our heroine in high school and never called back.  Oh yeah, and she ran him over and broke his leg in three places with her dad's Buick and few days later.  She attributes it to insanity and she's never run someone over again since.

It's a really funny book and a really funny movie.

And movie #2?

Beauty and the Beast is a classic.  It was great in 3D.  The theatre was, while not completely empty like it was when we went see the steampunk Three Musketeers where it was just me and Lacey in the theatre and we had a running commentary on the film, didn't have that many people in there.

Awesome heroines.  Well, Belle's kind of a stock character. But Stephanie's a great heroine.  And they both worked with awesome male leads.  Even if they both are beasts!

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