Friday, February 3, 2012

Groan, Cringe

So, the College's creative writing contest is going on right now. The aspiring storytellers, poets, and essayists are all preparing their best work to submit to The Contest.

I don't typically enter contests.  This is how it works:  I get the information when it becomes available.  I read it over a billion times, contemplate a piece I could enter or consider writing a new piece.

And then the deadline comes and I have nothing to enter.


I enter something, but it's not my best work.

The past few things, I've just let the deadline go by and just brushed it off.  They'll be plenty of oppurtunities.

But, unless I put myself out there, I'll never be recognized for my awesome writerly talent (I can dream here, I'm visualizing).

I have a story that I wrote for Long Ridge that I really, really like.  It's funny and brilliant and I sound like a mother talking about her child...

If any story I wrote had a chance, it would be this one.  I talked to Mrs. Donna about it.  She was working in the library today.  She, of course, thinks I should go for it.  I gave her the story to read.

As I was waiting for my ride home, I cringed.  Mrs. Donna is very supportive of the whole writing thing, knows I have talent--or at least the passion, and everything, but the subject matter and some of the content...

I wanted to go back into the library and ask for my story back.  I didn't want her to read it, I just wanted to cuddle it and hold it like it was a baby and didn't want it to get judged, even though I know she'll just tell me it's great and I should enter it.  Of that, I am certain.

But getting my ego fluffed isn't the only reason I went to Mrs. Donna.  If I tell someone other than Lacey, I'll just let it go by.  But if someone else knew, maybe I'll actually live up to expectations.  Accountability and all that.  The story needs a little editing, but it's still a good story.  I like to think that if I hadn't written it myself, and somebody else showed it to me, I would still like it.

Showing Mrs. Donna was Step One.  Now, to get into editing and submitting before the 27th.

I can do this.  I can do this.  I can do this.

I might be able to do this...

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