Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I've Noticed

I've been writing since 2005.  There are some things I've just noticed about my writing.

1 - Parents are either (a) dead or (b) intolerable.  I think of all my characters, one had a good relationship with her parents, but even that was a little strained.  I can blame this on the fact that I write fantasy & fairy tale spoofs.

2 - I can't write a story in order to save my life.  I get an idea for a scene in my head.  I write it down in a Composition book, or start a WordPad document, name it "Draft" and write it there.

3 - In regards to #2, the scenes I write beforehand don't always make the rest of the story when it gets to that part.  However, things that I type up are more likely to make it than things I write out.

4 - November to about March are my good writing months.  The rest of the year, I don't typically write anything too significant.  And those months are iffy still.

5 - When in doubt about villains, trolls always work.

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