Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Existential Crisis

Don't you just love existential crises?

So, I Googled, "I like looking stuff up, what job should I get?"

And it's true, I really do like looking stuff up and other than this writing thing, I have no idea what kind of job I want.

Ahem, day job.

I am a writer.  It's the rest of my life that concerns me.  Which, is ironic, because I didn't think there was more to life than writing and the occasional outing with one of my friends.

Being a young adult is messy and complicated and what I wouldn't give to be a little kid again.

Anyway, getting back on topic...  I Googled what I should do.  Obviously, this isn't Googled very often.

The full list

Some of my favorite ones were:

10 things not to say in a job interview (Useful)

175 Secrets Men Keep From Women (Um, Google, what does this have to do with anything?)

18 Social Media Slips that Will Get You Fired (Useful--and HILARIOUS)

How to Become a Badass (Google?  Good girl me?  Become a bad ah, ah--you know what?)

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