Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Hate This Part

Overall, I'd say the past 12-13 months were good for writing.

"Callis" (last late October-early November)
"The Traveling Companion" (last November to January, I think, maybe December)
 "My Fair Donor" (February, which later came out in May)
My Seamonkey Romance (October-November of this year).

Also, I got a draft of my First Story that stuck.  The file's creation date for Chapter 1 is September 20, 2012.  The file, I think, is a little older than that, but that's when it got moved to my jump drive.  So, September is when the draft actually stuck.

Here's how it played out.  I write short, which is not good for writing fantasy (or any other genre when you want to write novels).  On the one hand, I can tell a story in a few thousand words.  On the other, there's very little between short stories and novels.  Or there was when I first started writing in '05.

However, I'm stuck.

I've written about 60k for it.  30k for chapters 1-12, and the ending.  There's still some chapters in there that need writing between chapter 12 and the ending.  I have another 30k for backstory.  (Hey, it's fantasy; plenty span a few years.  Also, I'm still treating this story like a first draft.)  Some will go into the novel proper, the rest will go into a file so I can keep the story straight.

Okay, I won't lie, it's all getting stuck on there and I'll cut after I've written 80k for this story.  Maybe 90k.  Just so I can prove to myself I can do it.  Not in order perhaps, but I can write a full length novel amount of words in one draft.

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