Friday, December 28, 2012

My Seamonkey Romance...Explained

When I mentioned My Sea-monkey Romance, my besties both said, "I was wondering about that."  So apparently, they do read my blog.  (Hi, guys!)  I talked about it with Lacey, since she's a writer and can understand writer- and Regency-speak.

It's weird talking about this story.  First of all, I didn't talk about it much before or during the writing or the researching.  All they knew was that it was a Regency romance.

I am a Regency-romance junkie.  This is relatively new, but it's there.  I thought, well, I read a bunch of Regencies, this ought to be a piece of cake.


I sat on the idea for several months.  Just a basic plot line sentence.  No setting, no character types.  Just a basic plot line sentence.

Hero finds Heroine's diary, reads it, falls in love.  That's it.  I sat on it for months.

I decided to use it for a Regency romance.  I wanted to write one and needed a plot.  Well, here was one.

And then things got sticky.  What kind of man reads a girl's diary?

A man (who perhaps drank too much) with a best friend saying, "What kind of chit leaves a diary in Hyde Park?  What kind of chit keeps a diary at all?  You intercepted a pair of spies' correspondence, it's all an act, blah blah blah."

I don't know how I feel about this story, honestly.  It's not, "Oh, look at my baby, it's so adorable."

It's, "Yeah, that's mine.  I don't know what happened."  Maybe I should say, "It's adopted."

Thus the nickname, "My Seamonkey Romance."

And "Seamonkey" is really supposed to be "Sea-Monkey" or "Sea Monkey."

So, the real title:  Just This Waltz

And it's about:  Verity and her sister have come to London for their Season.  On a stroll during the fashionable hour at Hyde Park, she sets her diary down, only to forget it there.  When she returns, it's gone.

Charles waited around for the book's owner to come back, but no one came, and it's going to rain.  But he doesn't want to leave it there...  So he takes it home.  His best friend notices it.  After a few too many drinks, he picks it up.  There's no name.  Oh wait, it's a diary!  He reads just enough to figure out who the diarist is.

But then he meets said diarist at a ball.  Curiosity piqued, he reads a little more as he's getting to know Verity.  He really should give it back.  But then, horrible secrets about her aunt's past comes to light, and they can ruin Verity and her sister's reputations and thus, the Season.

Obviously, there's going to be some waltzing.

Charles is a weird, forgetful male.
Verity is strange.

It's crazy, I know.  But I wrote it.  And you now understand why I'm reluctant to talk about it.

Also, I got a new Sea Monkey romance idea that I'll be using the code name for.  I haven't started it yet.  Probably won't until I daydream a little more of the story up, but I've already talked about it with Lacey.  It's not nearly as weird as Just This Waltz.

So there.  That's My Seamonkey Romance.

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