Friday, December 21, 2012

Writer's Block: Jadi Style

Technically, it's not a block.  It's more like, "I want to write this way, but the story's going that way, but I want to do it THIS way, but then I'd have to rewrite..."  And no writing gets done.

Two things happen here.

1)  I rewrite from the beginning.  Complete restart.  My first story, that got me writing?  STILL working on it.


2)  I suck it up and continue to write, in the way the story is already going.  If I sit down long enough and pound keys, words will come.

This, at the moment, is about my first story.  One day, I will leave it on the shelf.  But it is not this day.  Meanwhile, so I can say I wrote, I'm blogging and trying to figure out a First Draft for another story.  I'm not restarting it.  That's going to have to be a suck it up.  First Story is the only one that gets re-starts and re-writes.  Which, since the main character, plot, and world building have all changed, calling it First Story is something of a misnomer.  I just used the same character names/personalities.

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