Monday, September 13, 2010

THE 25,000!

Earlier this morning, I reached 25,000 words on my fantasy novel, Black Sight.

My goal is 100,000 words, double the size of a NaNoWriMo novel.  Do I have to get 100,000?  Not really.  If I can get the story across in 80-90,000 words, I'd settle for that.  But my little word count meter (yeah, I'm that dorky) that I fill in every 5,000 words goes up to 100,000. 

You've heard me talk about Naren before. (see previous posts if you haven't)  He's the protagonist in the story.

Here's a quick 2-sentence summary of the novel so you have an idea of what it's about and you'll be able to sleep tonight and not wondering what this is about:

Naren isn't so much an unlikely hero, as he is reluctant.  He doesn't have dreams of honor and glory, even though everyone knows he'd be really good at being a hero, which is why his witch of a great-aunt blackmails him into helping her.

Kamra, Naren, and Maros were my first characters once writing became my hobby.  That ^ was not the plotline nor was Alandra (our antagonist) the villian.  Kamra was the original central character, but Naren has more that could be at stake, thus, he stole the show.  That, and I did a background check on Naren and his background is WAY more interesting.  There's way more about Naren than Kamra and I wrote most of those when Kamra WAS the central character.

I'm one fourth of the way there! I'm halfway halfway there!

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