Tuesday, September 14, 2010

That Dreaded Peer Review

As you know, English Composition is exactly what it sounds like:  Compositions in the English language.  English, the hardest language to master.  English, the official language of the United States.

My English professor insists on taking us by the hand and doing this first essay step by step.  Most of us have been writing essays for years.  We don't like the slow pace, but we're not in any position to argue with a newspaper columnist.

Well, the few things that we have turned in, he's read aloud to the class.  Fortunately, he never named the writer.  Usually, the writer revealed herself.  (mostly girls did this)  Surprisingly, I did not reveal myself.  But I sit at the back of the class and no one makes an effort to turn around and look at me.

Today, we had to do a peer review.

"Peer review: n, evaluation of a person's work or performance by a group of people in the same occupation, profession, or industry."

I hate them.  I picked a lame topic and some student from my class got to read my lameness.  Luckily for me, the guy in front of me got my paper and he didn't mark it up all that much.  I also got to see what he was doing.  The paper I got was a girl's from across the room.

When I told my mother about the peer review, all she said was, "We'll, you're used to that."

It bothered me a little, but I didn't argue with her.  It was true, but it wasn't pleasant.

*definition taken from Dictionary.com


  1. Just like the dreaded stage of writing, getting critiques! It is so helpful and we can grow a lot, but very very painful!

  2. Incredibly painful! A writer needs one of two things, talent, or an incredibly thick skin.


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