Sunday, September 19, 2010

Because I Just Love To Laugh At Myself...

My mother made us all go to church today.  I'd never been to a Methodist service before, so it was interesting.  Anyway, my dad and I needed to fill out a visitor card (My mom had been there plenty of times for Bible Studies.  She wasn't a visitor, technically.  My little brother, Vin, is too young to do that sort of thing.)  We sat in the very last pew.

I leaned over on the pew's cushion to get another visitor card.  I lost my balance and rolled off the pew.  My parents saw and while they didn't laugh, I could tell they wanted to.  Them and the people in the pew in front of us. 

After my little demonstration of clumsiness, I enjoyed the service, for the most part.  The preaching was probably the best part.  I didn't know the hymns they sang, so...yeah.

That's not the pew, but it's this sort.  The pews in this church had cushions that had been thrown onto the hard wooden bench.  My cushion kept slipping.

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