Friday, October 29, 2010

Books that Suck (You In) and Those That Don't

Any book-lover knows what I'm talking about when I say a book just sucks you in and you can't get out to save your life.  You hate putting it down.

My writing is seriously linked with my reading--which it should be.  But I don't know if it's supposed to go this far.  If I'm reading a really junky novel or sometimes a really good novel, I can't write.  They deplete my literary juices.  The bad one just makes me hate the words and the good one just keeps calling me back and I don't want to concentrate on what I'm writing.

Sometimes though, if I'm reading a really good novel, it does make me want to write and I don't want to read it.  My middle ground is finding some small paperback that is interesting, but not too interesting.  Then I can write for a little while, then read, then write...

I borrowed 'Salem's Lot from the Jefferson Davis campus library.  Perk had it brought in for me.  I don't feel like writing, and I haven't.

Happy Friday.

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