Saturday, October 16, 2010

If You Made It Revisited

Since Halloween is swiftly approaching, (a holiday I have never been allowed to participate in any way, shape, or form) I've been thinking of some sort of piece I could do.  Something creepy and stuff.

Well, in August of last year, I wrote, "If You Made It..."  It's a Vent Piece with the tagline line , "Dr. Frankenstein was bad at being God." 

Like any piece I've written that has anything do with God, a lot of people liked it.  I was kind of surprised though when it came to this one.  Surely comparing God to someone as awful as Dr. Frankenstein would be bad.

I'm looking it over now, a year older, but not much wiser.  I'm revising it, just a little, mind.

What's really funny is that the seed for this VP come from Van Helsing. 

Something Dracula and Dr. Frankenstein were talking about stuck with me.  Unfortunately, I don't have said quote burned in my memory, nor did anyone put it in the IMDB for me to copy-paste.

Anyway, what Dracula said to Dr. Frankenstein, as I said, stuck with me.  The idea germinated.  After turning this idea in my head millions of times, I had something.  Although, instead of focusing on the movie Van Helsing, I went back to the stereotypical idea of the Frankenstein story.

And here it is:

If You Made It...
August 25, 2009 (Revised October 16, 2010)
J. C. Verdin

Dr. Frankenstein was bad at being God.

The difference between God and Dr. Frankenstein: God actually loves what he created. Dr. Frankenstein hated his monster. He was afraid of it.

And people can be worse than that monster. At least the monster didn't know better. We do. But God will never stop loving us no matter what.

At least Dr. Frankenstein disappeared. God still shows Himself. Seriously, how many of you can go to an aquarium and think, "Hey, me and that fish have a common ancestor!" Come on, now. Have you seen some of the things they pull out of the sea? How okay are you with believing you are related to a crawfish?

As the creation (not the mutation) shouldn't we love the One who created us? If not love Him, can we respect Him? Reverence Him? Hey, this God didn't have to make us, but He did. The Monster had it figured it out.

The doctor couldn't control his creation and it led to his doom. Thousands of years after Creation, after the Fall, after the Crucifixion, God is still in control, even if it seems like there are more and more atheists, even if socialism takes over America, even if a thousand people are murdered. God allows it to happen.

Why? It's not just about one person. It's about everyone. That $20 you lost may pay someone else's phone bill. That person was killed in a car accident and other people got saved.

I don't know where it is in the Bible and I don't know the exact quote, but no matter how many bad things happen, God will use it for good. I know it's there, I saw the verse on VeggieTales (oh no, not them again!). It was the episode about Joseph. (I think it may have been Romans 8:28.)

Could the doctor handle the big picture? No, he could not. Just as the one creature he created got out of hand. God gave us free will, but He's still the Big Man Upstairs. Good night and God bless.

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