Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fluff the Ego, Please

Since I was emotionally high yesterday, I don't know if this is all in order, but this is all what happened.

I asked my sister if she liked the ending to Black Sight yesterday.  She and my mom both said they loved it.  It made sense and there is satisfaction involved in the ending, even if all of the options are less than ideal.

These were the same people that said trying to be a writer was a bad idea.  The same ones who told me I didn't have a future with it.   It felt, at times, that they were the least supportive people in the whole wide world when it came to this writing thing.

"You'll never make it."

"There's no money in it."  <-- That is true, but it shouldn't stop anyone.  There's no money in teaching anymore either, but teachers are some of the most revered people.
Oh, the gratification that they're the ones saying that it is good!  Now, I know they're family and they're supposed to say it, but remember my sister is the one that said it was stupid at first.

One of them, either my mom or my sister, asked me how I was going to support myself.  My sister said something like, "You can't do it by writing."  But then, "Well, actually, you could."

Oh, the satisfaction!  When people who have said one thing for years change their mind to the way you want it to change, there is not a better feeling.

Ha ha ha.  My ego has been fed.

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