Friday, October 1, 2010

Double Epic Fail!

Yeah, you know how I was supposed to get 35,000 words for Black Sight.  Well, I looked at my planner today, the day after my deadline, and saw I had two goals.  One for Black Sight and another for the romantic comedy.

Okay, I've been stretching myself too far.  I have essays to write for English Composition for college, I have short stories or articles to write for my Long Ridge.  Then there's downtime pleasure writing.

Time to start making realistic goals, I guess. Or none at all for now.  I can't make my deadlines right now.

For the record though, I'm only a day late.  Yup, I got 35,000 words into my pen drive.  It's not all on the Black Sight Word document, but it's there.  As far as the romantic comedy goes, well, I haven't touched it in weeks.  I don't even have names for all the characters.  No worries, my main characters are named.  There's the first chapter on my  Since I have this insane dream to get Black Sight published, that one's not published.

So, you're up-to-date on my writing life.  Writer-Overload.  Red alert.  Red alert.

 The Romantic Comedy.   <--In case you're interested.

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