Sunday, December 5, 2010

Faithfully Funny: Never Knew an Irony So Sweet

In my Christian crawl (because it's not a walk), I've had some foreheard slap moments, some moments when I wanted to stand up and walk in the other direction...

And then I've had some moments where I thought, "You're having fun up there, aren't You?"

Today was one of those days.

I don't write my prayers down anymore, so my memory is sketchy, but last night I prayed that, even if I didn't want to go to church, give my mom the drive to take us, or something like that.

I didn't want to go. I mean, I really didn't want to go. But since it was the 'right' thing to pray, I figured it wouldn't be so bad. When you find the verse about praying for something you know you need and should want, but don't want it, please tell me.

Anyway, this morning, my mom came into my room, and said, "Get up. If I can take y'all to the store later, I can take y'all to church now."

"Are you serious?" was my first thought. Of all the ones He could've chosen to answer, He picked that one?

I had to do a spiritual gifts test in my senior year. My highest was faith. I thought, well, if I want to be a writer, it makes sense. But looking at myself, I wonder how in the world I managed that. If God's favorite thing to say is, "I love you," then His second favorite for me must be, "Well, I'll show you, disbeliever!" Not in so many words, but you get my point.
He answered my prayer, didn't He? After I got over the shock, I admit that I laughed.

I've had other moments like this before. Several years ago, I remember praying that I was one of His stupidest sheep. Stupid sheep, stupid sheep.

At church the next morning, the pastor was doing a sermon on sheep. The first thing you need to learn about sheep, the pastor says, is that they're stupid.

I didn't feel so bad after hearing that. It was another moment of shock, and then laughing quietly to myself. I would've looked weird if I started bursted out laughing in the middle of the pastor's sermon.

And then was this other time (I promise this is the last one), when I said "crap" in front of my little brother and he repeated me. My mom was like, "I blame you, Jadi."
Next morning. Guess what the sermon was on.

Yup, you guessed it: watching what you say. We told the pastor after church, he said, See? God has a sense of humor.

Don't I know it.

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