Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DinoPaper, Thou Shalt Be Smote

I spent several hours (from like before 8 to 11-something, 12?) working on the 14-page paper for Biology II for Honors.  I lovingly dubbed this endeavor, "DinoPaper" or "Dino-paper" depending whether or not I'm in a dash type of mood.

Dinosaurs...when talking about dinosaurs, words like 165 million years, 65 million years, evolution, birds, etc all go through the mind.

Last night, knee-deep in research, I typed in, "pro-evolutionist arguments about dinosaurs."

All I got was creationist arguments against evolution.  Um, great and all, but not what I wanted.

I had a lot of creationist sources.  I mean, a lot.  And they all basically say the same thing:

Dragon legends appear in every culture.  These respectable people (such as Alexander the Great, Marco Polo, Herodotus) saw dragons.  They recorded those facts. 

These accounts have been banished into the realm of legend.  They may have been firsthand accounts of dinosaurs.  Then we go into how the Flood was the perfect catastrophe to fossilize all those beasties...

Creation theory in a nutshell.

Most of my evolutionary sources say the same things, and a little more, that they were saying since I was in elementary school:

Dinosaurs ruled the earth for 165 million years.  They started 200-something million years ago.  They died out 65 million years ago.

None of this is new information.  Although, I did learn that, according to evolutionary standards, T-Rex and Stegosaurs never saw each other, separated by 80 million years.

There is more time between Steggy and T-Rex than there is between T-Rex and us.

Actually, there is very little, if any, new information being published by evolutionists at all.  Creationists have taken over paleontology.  All my newer sources, bar one, have been creationist.

I guess one's thrown up their hands saying, "We don't know.  We'll never know."

The other side is saying, "We can prove this.  We can learn at least a little more."

It's interesting how things change like that.

DinoPaper is in it's first, crudely, messily written first drafts.  I'm hoping to finish it BEFORE November 1.  One less thing to worry about during NaNoWriMo.

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