Monday, October 17, 2011


I didn't participate in National Novel Writing Month last year.  I was in my first year of college and I doubted I'd have time, probably wouldn't feel like it, excuse, excuse, excuse...

November passed by and throughout the entire month I thought to myself, "I probably could've pulled it off."

This year, I really, really want to do it.  I have an idea that's been simmering for a while.  If I can do my Dino-Paper BEFORE November starts...

And, this is the most embarassing part:  NaNoWriMo is the only time I ever finish the novels I start other than the one I've been working on since 2005.  All the other stories?  Unless it was a NaNoWriMo novel, I didn't finish it.  Or those NaNoWriMo rewrites.

Epic fail.

So, I'm trying to figure out if I could pull it off timewise.  *makes calendar*

Figuring NaNoWriMo out is the only time I ever have any sort of math skills.  *pulls out calculator*  

Let's see, there's 720 hours in a 30-day month.  Wait, what about daylight savings?  Oh, never mind.  720 hours.

Church:  ~12 hours (IF we go every Sunday morning and not any other time.) 
College: ~91 hours (Including my free hours in the library)
Farm:  ~50 hours (this is the stretch.  It's always different.)
CMAs:  ~3 hours (I can write during commercials?)

So, that's ~156 hours taken.

That leaves ~564 hours.

Minus 7 hours a night for sleep.

I'm down to ~354 hours.

So, 354 hours for NaNoWroMo, living at Vin's beck-n-call, and the odd errand Mom has me run.  Oh, and maybe studying.

I think sleep should be optional in the month of November.  That's 210 hours I could spend much better.  For anything.  I envy Napoleon Bonaparte.  I learned that he could go on 4 hours of sleep.

So THAT'S why he was a short little psycho!

Jadi's Grand Realization aside, I may actually be able to pull this off.

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