Monday, October 24, 2011

Wait...I Have to Care?

My Phi Theta Kappa certificate and some other goodies came in today. A pin thing, a catalogue to get some PTK-branded stuff like t-shirts and medallions, and a member card.

And this is doesn't even require me being an active member.  Although, I want to be, certainly.

I just have to keep my GPA up and maintain a good appearance.  No arrests, no misbehavior.  Easy stuff.  It's not like I was ever a bad kid or anything.

Honors College at Perk and PTK overlap a lot.  We talk about PTK at Honors Forum.  I've never been to a PTK meeting except the orientation, but I still know all what's happening because we go over it in Honors Forum anyway.

If I expect to continue on in college, I have to get scholarships.

Apparently, colleges like community service as a good reason to give money.  I don't know exactly why, but I don't think they like the idea of giving money to someone who, thus far, hasn't made much of a difference, and may not ever.

People who care, people who have made a difference in their community are a good investment.  They will make the college look good when they become a famous philantropist.  Oh, and they're changing the world and all.

Before I went to college, I did very little.  My community service before college was a few volunteer jobs every blue moon, and most of it was stuff I hadn't wanted to do.  It would cut into reading and writing time.

My mom's friend the librarian worker asked me to come with her read to special needs kids over at Perk Elementary--which is right across the road from Perk College Campus.  (Yes, this is where I went to elementary school.  So much has changed since I was there!)  It's certainly an experience.  

It's through Friends of the Library.  Some of them are the librarians from Perk College, the President of the college, and a few other do-gooding middle-aged and older ladies and gentlemen of the community.

It's a lot of fun watching their interactions.  Oh, and the stuff they bring in for the kids!

The instructor from the youngest group that we go to says the kids love being read to.  They LOVE it.  Like, they go through a few books each reading time.  However, because they're special needs, people are reluctant to go to them because they're not sure what to expect.

Ironically, this group was the best behaved, the cutest, the sweetest...

It's the older ones you gotta watch out for.  ;P

So, let's see, to be a good person, you actually have to care?

What do I care about?

I like animals, and I'm comfortable around them.  However, I'd make a bad activist.  I'm sorry, but I am more important than a rat and if that rat's gonna help somebody fight cancer or AIDS, well, I'm not arguing.  And I bet those Johnson & Johnson rabbits like being tear-free too.

I'm pro-human, but I'm not much of a people person.  Although, I like being with the special needs kids.  They're cute and sweet and I think already said all this...

The only problem is that Friends of the Library only goes to Perk Elementary once every semester.  Although PTK is doing some reading programs too, for which I have enlisted.

I actually have to care now.  There is a standard and all that.

Oh ka-rap.  I am no longer allowed to be apathetic. 

*cue bad announcer voice* Will she survive?  Will she crack?  Stay tuned...

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