Monday, October 3, 2011

The Lion King

Lacey and I went see The Lion King in 3D Saturday night at 11:20.  We got out a little before 1 Sunday morning.  This version took out the number that they added in, "The Morning Report."   I hate when Disney adds to their classic films, and I'm glad this version left it out.  Other than the 3D part, I could pretend I was a little kid and watching The Lion King in theatres like it was 1994, how it was the first time it came out.

This film has won numerous awards.  Best picture, best music, voice acting...

I think, just about anything you can win an award for.  

I was born in '92, so when I say I grew up watching this, I mean it.  It's been several years since we owned the VHS, so it's been a while since I'd watched it.  I know the story, but it seems no matter how many times you watch something, you always catch things you didn't the first scores of times.

For a kid's movie, it's a tad brutal.  I've never watched all of Bambi (or I have once and it was a loooong time ago), so I can't make the comparison to when the hunter kills Bambi's mother, but when Scar murders Mufasa, it's always hard to watch.  One, the lion murders his brother.  Two, it's sad when Simba's crying for help and nobody comes except Scar and the hyenas.  I HATE that whole part from where Scar leaves him in the gorge to where Scar tells him to run away and never return.

I always knew The Lion King was a great story.  I mean, I've heard about all the awards a long time ago.  When you're a kid, you think it's cool, but you don't care about the why.  You like it and that's all that matters.  If somebody liked it enough to give it an award, well, you had to like them.

Simba's character arc, the story itself's arc, and all the little touches that reinforce what's going on make a brilliant work.  Plus, you know, it has a great ending ;).  Disney reached an all-time high with that film and they've come up short in a lot of their following films.

I'm excited that The Lion King is coming out again, and I can't wait to own it.  Again.

Now, my favorite moments (other than the previous one):

Nice touch there, Simba seeing just how small
his paw is compared to his father's and just how
big a paw print he has to fill someday.

"Pinned ya!"

Mufasa!  Mufasa!  Mufasa!

And she can still pin him when they're adults

Does nobody like "It's A Small World After All"?

I think everybody liked this part

Mr. Pig

I thought the skull washing away was another nice touch.  The end of 
the terror reign and the beginning of the glorious one.

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  1. And it topped the box office! This was the first movie I took my son to go see at the theatre. He's 19 now. Wow...I'm old. I love it though.


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