Friday, October 21, 2011

Jadi's Library Scrapbook

I had about two and a half hours to play in the library today instead of the usual one. One of my classes didn't meet, another one was cut short, added to the usual time I spend every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the library.

Lately, in case you haven't noticed, I've been exploring the library. So, today, I took some snapshots of what I found. 

I wish I had known there were Creative Writing books in the library. Now I do.

Speculative fiction, anyone?

That one closest to the left wall?  How to Write Tales of Horror, Fantasy, and
Science Fiction
?  I checked that one out today!

Look, there's a 2011 market guide...too bad I have nothing worth selling at the time.

Character-Naming Sourcebook, and then two books later,
there's stuff about King Arthur.  Awesome.

Reading Lolita in Tehran is on my to-read list.  Now, I know it's available
at Perk Library.  YAY!

I just thought this looked kind of cool.  Isn't everyone guilty of being innocent,
eager, or cool?  I don't think anybody could be all 3--can you?--but I guess it's
got an Everyman appeal.

I have an idea of who Groucho Marx is.  Another good find for me today
at Perk Library.  Jadi's curiosity has been piqued.

Is that all women are good for in literature?  To either be a seductress (or to be
seduced) or to betray (or betrayed?)  Actually, I looked inside if it, there's
mention of the Bronte sisters.  I guess it's older fiction?  Anyway...

Speaking of Seduction:  Sex Ed-type books

Child-development.  Look, there's a Bill Cosby in here!
(I'm thinking there's a step-by-step here)

My personal favorite:  POTTY TRAINING!!!
(Farthest to the right)

Art!  A support system for life or some such.

Um, what does egregious mean?  I'll be needing to look that one up myself.

Back in the Creative Writing section.  Fantasy and Horror.
I'm easily fascinated.

And, of course, history.  It was near this section, Lacey and I were scoping
out for her a new book.  Since I write pseudo-medieval (at make an attempt
to do so) this one called to me particularly.

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