Saturday, January 22, 2011

Family's All You Got, Man!

Okay, it's been a while.  Bad Jadi!  Come on, after the whole dead cat fiasco, were you really holding your breath to hear from me again?

You were?  How delightful!

My great-grandmother died this past Tuesday.  She was blind.  I told a friend of mine that the first thing she saw clearly must've been Jesus.  How cool would that be?  She was about 87.  She had great-great-grandchildren.  She had church meeting in her home.

At the wake, there weren't that many sad-looking people.  Yeah, they were hurt, but there were so many people--and I mean a lot of people--that perhaps catching up put off the grief.

I have never hugged that many people where I didn't know who they were.  But they were family...somehow...

The funerals are a real cultural thing.  Half of the service was in French (I'm from South Louisiana, I only live in Mississippi), and at the wake they a song in English and in French.  The family's huge, but there was no fighting or no scenes.  Just a lot of people catching up.  It was great.

We always say we'll do a family reunion.  At the actual funeral, the topic came up where we were sitting.  I said we need to have one where we all have nametags, and maybe a family tree so we know how we're all related.

I hope we do get to have a family reunion.

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