Saturday, January 1, 2011

The First

Happy New Year, readers!

I stayed up to the 12:00 last night--or this morning, whatever.  I sent out all the text messages.

I decided to clean and rearrange my room today.  I do this every few weeks because I have a room full of books, knickknacks, treasures, and what-have-you and my room isn't the size of a real library.

I'm procrastinating about this cleaning thing.  I've gotten everything arranged how I want it, now to pick up everything else.  I would like to sleep in my bed tonight, but it's full of stuff.

Also, I'm trying to develop an acquired taste for Special K.  I got the chocolatey kind.  It's good, but 'chocolatey' and 'chocolate' may not be the same.  They don't even sound the same. 




Happy New Year again.

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