Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On A Roll

I got a shiny new idea, a new squishy.  I started on it two nights ago.  Last night, since I had plans to be on the road today, I finished the book I was reading before 10--horrors!  I wanted to be in bed at 11, but needed something to do till then.  I couldn't imagine going to bed that early.

I started working on the new story, and I kept putting off going to bed.

This went on until 2 this morning.  Finally, I said to myself, my alarm's going off at 7 or 7:30 (I don't remember) and I need to go to bed.  Big day tomorrow--or later, rather.

I like this part of the writing process.  I don't know this new character very well, but I like her so far.  I like the other characters in the story too.  Don't have a picked genre, don't know how I want it to end, but it was so nice to just do nothing other than write for a few hours.

I felt good about it and even had an enlightening dream to match.  ;)

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