Thursday, January 27, 2011

Laws of Attraction

I'm taking Sociology this semester.  I love to learn.  You all know this about me.

We shot off on a tangent today about feminism, how they think men suppress women, what guys and girls want in relationships.  A poll was taken in the fifties (before eHarmony) and the result was:

Guys:  attractive female

Girls:  successful male


Guys need to be physically attracted to her so he'll want to have a baby with her.

Girls want a guy to be financially sound so when she does have a baby, she knows she will be taken care of.

Men are taught to be ambitious and women are taught to value their beauty.  So, guys are pigs, and girls are gold diggers.  

And this is how we perpetuate the human race according to sociology, or so my odd little mind processed it.
Happy almost Valentine's Day!


  1. It's worked for 4 millenia, so... ::shrugg::

    Yeah, it is sad. The teacher discussed valuing a woman for her intellect instead of her beauty. Intellect lasts longer.


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