Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I hate picking out gifts.  Not because I don't like giving gifts, but I never have any idea what to get people.

Several years ago, for Mother's Day, my mom had said she wanted a hisbiscus.  My mom's horrible with plants, so I didn't want to get her one.

But then I found a really, really pretty one.  And I got it for her.

"But Jadi, I wanted a red hibiscus."

I was pissed.  She'd been saying she wanted a hibiscus, not once did she specify a color.  And besides, the color I got her was gorgeous!

"But Jadi, I wanted a red hibiscus."  

Never mind that it did live for a while, but did she have to say that?  I at least pretend to like a gift, even if I don't.  I'll get rid of it discreetly after a few months when it's forgotten.  Of course, with the exception of some creepy dolls from when I was little, I seldom got gifts I didn't like.

Mom always tells me I should get over this, and I have, but I like to think I learned a lesson there.  

I didn't get my mom any gifts for a long time after that.  

Now, if she asks for a CD or something from Amazon while I have access to money to spend on there, I order it for her.  That's the closest thing to gifts I get her now.  I mean, I don't work (except on her farm), and asking for money to get her a gift...  Anyway.

This year, I had another "hibiscus incident" for Cole's birthday.  I picked out a remote-control car.  It was a "Gator."  It could go in gravel, water, sand.  It was nice, and sturdily built too.

"But Nanny, I wanted a racecar."

"Crap like that is why I don't buy your maw maw gifts anymore," I told him.  My sister or Cole went back to Mom and told her what I'd said.

"Get over it, Jadi."

I tell people, tell me exactly what you want.  Or, we get together but spend our money on ourselves.  It's not about the gifts anyway.  How's that sound?

I love Christmas.  I really do.  I hate picking out gifts for any holiday or special occasion.

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